The Team at CryoMaryland believes adamantly in the benefits of cryotherapy. We’re local and want to bring the potential benefits to our community. The co-founders have each personally recognized the benefits of employing cryotherapy to their respective routines, so much so that we want to spread the love. Our collective belief stems from the fact that we’re active adults who sought a new method to age more gracefully and to minimize the aches and pains that we regularly face.

Cryotherapy  is being employed today by professional and amateur athletes, weekend warriors and others for the health and cosmetic benefits that can be recognized. These benefits may include anti-inflammation, rejuvenation and renewed energy, reduced stress, arthritis combatant, better sleep patterns and reduced muscle and joint pain.

CryoMaryland is privileged to exclusively partner with Impact Cryotherapy (www.impactcryo.com), the leading manufacturer and seller of cryotherapy saunas in the US. Leveraging Impact’s resources and relationships in the industry, CryoMaryland’s strategic partnership with Impact enables us to provide the highest level of service and support to our clients.

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